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Welcome to Heights Christian Church

As a Shalom congregation, Heights Christian Church is open to and affirming of all people, celebrating and finding strength in our diversity and affirming the dignity and worth of every person. We welcome into full membership and participation in the life of the church, persons of every gender, race, age, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, and difference in ability. All are welcome as beloved children of God.


Neighbors, friends and family are always welcome.
Sharing love in and around the Community!

"Help Build A Wall of Kindness"

In the harsh rhetoric and increasingly polarized climate these days, there seems to be little common ground.  One thing we can agree upon, however, is the need for more kindness in our world.  The members of Heights Christian Church are building a Wall of Kindness on the front steps and we would love to have your help.  Shaker Heights is a welcoming and caring community.  We hope you will help us celebrate that in this very visible way!  For each act of kindness you do, we invite you to tell us what you have done for someone else by clicking on the "Wall of Kindness" page on this website.  For each act of kindness, we will fill out a paper "Brick" listing your act anonymously and attach it to our growing wall.  This wall is not meant to keep people out.  Rather, it serves as a testimony of hope and love in an uncertian and sometimes unkind world.  For more information, contact us at 216-561-4800 or heightschristian@sbcglobal.net.

Joe LaGuardia's blog with a link to his Advent study presenation:


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In our prayers...

Open our eyes, Lord that we may see you.
Open our ears that we may hear your still, small voice.
And open our hearts that we may feel your presence this day and everyday.  Amen.
-Jesse Hall

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Wall of Kindness

HCC’s Wall of Kindness is designed to inspire us to do acts of kindness for others.  Please help us inspire others by sharing a story of your acts of kindness in the comments section linked below.

Delivered a box of contractor’s bags to a young couple who were burned out of their home and needed something to collect salvageable items.  Found out the husband needed clothes—returned home to see what I had—delivered two shirts and one pair of pants.  Hugged by both.

—Sandy Jones

Gave teen who was shoveling driveway gloves, something to to eat, had him come inside to take a break and warm up. And paid twice amount he asked. He woked hard trying to earn extra money. He was a very nice boy. He reminded me that I once had a teen and would have wanted someone to be nice to my child.


I gave money to a young moth
er struggling to handle her 3 children and find change for a parking meter.


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